Friday, June 27, 2014

Student's Pick: The Winner!

Hiatus galore from my blog for me. Once more, I am sorry for the long gaps in between 
entries. Still, I don't want to give up on this blog, so here's my latest peg:


Yes, I know, I've done a post on them before, but those were my high-heeled kicks 
which unfortunately fell into shoe ruin after getting me involved in a very 
embarrassing state of scotch-taped footwear throughout an entire workday. Believe me, 
it's awful just trying to keep the sole and the heel of your chosen shoes together.
So, it was either tape it up, or flop whenever I walk and expose my fluffy socks.

Anyway, I invested in another pair of boots (flat this time, so no heel-snap humiliations)
and made sure to take note of the proper care for them. Now that the rainy season just 
came in here in the Philippines, I brought these kicks out of their solitary confinement
and am now happily matching them up to planned outfits that I have been conceptualizing
ever since I brought this fancy pair of footwear home. 

For now, let's talk my first ensemble:

This is a dress that I thought was too ill-fitting on me at first. I looked at every angle
of it on me when I tried it on in the dressing room. Would the top mini-ruffles make me look
unecessarily buxom? Would the skirt be the right length even if I had to commute? Would the fit 
fall nicely on my body and not have any awkward bunches around my torso?

My Mom gave me the thumbs-up when she saw me in the dress. And she was right. I was thinking way 
too much. This was a dress-cut that I have yet to try and as far as she could see, there were no
problems with the fit. The boutique we bought it from even had good stock of the dress sizes they 
had available, so I was able to get a feel of each fit.

So, this dress was purchased, and I began to think on when and where I'd be able to wear it. I've
already worn it to work once before these photos were taken, so I thought it was time to play up
one part of the outfit. Check out the belt I threw over the waist. Figured I'd try the bling
effect. :-D

Oh, and this is the photo where I tried my hand at applying digital makeup. Actual makeup is not
my forte (so testament the abused eyeshadow pots, palettes, and eyeliner pencils in my hidden
satsh of cosmetics). Have a gander at my efforts. The app I downloaded as a touchup aid is not 

These next two photos have no digital makeup. I stuck to my usual baby powder. 

No regrets in buying this dress! The pseudo-denim skirt went great with my boots. 

Tell me your thoughts on this post. :-D

Photo credits to: My Mom
Photograph editing credits to: PicsArt, Photofy, and Pomelo Apps, plus Photoscape Software. 
Dress from: Cache Cache, Belt from: Y.R.Y.S., Boots: The Landmark, Boot socks: Marithe Frances Girbaud, Headband: Accessories area of local open-air markets, Watch: FURLA 

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