Monday, April 14, 2014

Outfit Post: Latest Attempt

Hello there! After yet another long hiatus from my online blogs, I've finally come up with a post. For my readers, whether you have me on your 'follow' list, or belong to those who just check out my posts, I do apologize for the irregularity between entries. It's turning out to be quite a summer for us over here where I'm from. The heat is far from humid and closer to what I would call frying. I've half a mind to try cooking an egg sunny-side up on the sidewalk. 

Anyway, my attempts to have an outfit post have resulted in these three pictures. I found that poses come naturally when one is having fun, so my mind went back to my dance lesson days, hence this first photo of me trying to strike a dancer's angle. 

This second try took me a while to think of, because I did want to share this ensemble I wore for a mother-daughter shopping day. It's my first time to take these floral-printed shorts out for a spin and I thought I'd pair them with alight white top plus my favorite brown sandals. 

So, what do you think of this second pose?   

My only accessory for the day: a silver ring inlaid with an arrow. It's a gift from my Bestie, Claudia when she came home from Singapore this April. This particular piece is part of a set; one of two she brought for me. As a bit of a twist I decided to use one as a pendant. Brings a smile to my face every time I remember she bought these because she knows the Artemis look is one of my favorites. 

How's this outfit post second attempt for you? I would welcome any suggestions. Still in the learning phase, so I'm pretty much taking things one at a time when it comes to poses, editing, and clothing  pieces.

Photo editing done on Photoscape
Photos taken by my MomWearing: top from Forever 21, shorts from Jewel, sandals from Chelsea, and ring from Forever 21 Singapore


  1. Love this outfit! The top is perfect for the summer heat we've been experiencing here in Manila. Grabe ang init, noh? Love the print on your shorts as well <3

    1. Thank you, dear Kylie! Yes, I agree about Manila's heat wave experience. I appreciate your comment about the print on my shorts.