Monday, February 24, 2014

A Lazy Sunday Morning (and My First Mini Photo Editorial!)

Surprisingly, my plans of a mini editorial came through, though not exactly the way I had it in mind. These were taken on a bright Sunday morning. I slept in pretty late, then thought the lighting  was  good for a photo opportunity. I already had a storyboard spread in mind of how the pictures were supposed to look like, but these pajama photos took the center stage. I quite like how they turned out.

For those who haven’t seen my previous posts on where I was wavering on what I want to blog about, let me introduce my teddy bear. His name is Harrod. Mom bought him for me last year as a gift. He was game for splitting breakfast with me.

Unfortunately, here’s the thing:

We decided to compromise.

Nothing like a good cup of tea and some biscuits on the first morning of a new week!

Now I’d like to do a comparison and contrast. I found that the saturated effect of these photos weren’t half bad as well. See the results in these edits I made. Without the watermarks and dialogue, the effect is classic.

Tell me if you prefer the colored or the black and white pictures. Would love to hear your feedback. Leave me some suggestions in the comments on what other mini-editorials I can do. Till my next post! :-D

Photo taken by: My Mom
Photo editing credits to: Photoscape
Wearing: All Boxed Up pajamas, old flip-flops

Food Credits: Lipton Lemon Tea and Hansel Premium Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches.

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  1. I like the pictures with color and the the black and white are just plain cool.
    The text is great!