Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank You, Miss Danika Rio Navarro!


A special surprise came to me by mail last Friday, November 29. 

Mom brought home a box received at the gate of our village. When I saw the label and read who it was from, I couldn't help but squeal with delight, for here was a gift from one of my favorite fashion bloggers: a framed piece of artwork she made herself. The quote is BEAUTIFUL, and I love the design  very much. 

It was carefully covered in bubblewrap and put inside a pretty shopping bag from NAVA (a boutique Miss Dani owns). What touched my heart as well was the simple label she placed on the bag, showing it was for me.

There was also a very sweet note that came with the package: 

Miss Dani, I am a very avid fan of yours, and if you do happen to read this, please know that you too inspire me with all that you share in your posts. From outfits, to quotes, and your meaningful artwork, I always find something to smile about as I read your blog. 

You're a true artist, Miss Dani, and it is always a pleasure to read through your site. I comment because I admire the way you present and express what you love to do. I respect your style choices very much, and even your upbeat and cheerful way of writing about your ensembles is a peg for me. This present you sent is a treasure, and my support for you is unwavering. I truly hope to meet you in person someday!

Credits: Miss Danika Rio Navarro, NAVA Boutique
Photos: by me

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