Friday, November 8, 2013


The Peg:  Boots!

I finally got the chance to use my Leaveland boots after a long hiatus of this pair being tucked away in a certain area of our house. I've been stomping around (wearing boots like Gaston!) in them every chance I get. Great way to learn how to (finally) walk in heels. 

I must confess it also made me feel like a dunce when I realized lately the tops could be folded down to create a new look for this pair of dandy footwear:

Without minding the scuffed and peeling exterior of the boot leather, I posed like this for one shot, and really had a ball just re-discovering these kicks. I'm still trying to find a dress that would go well with the pair, but for now, my skinny jeans and my new favorite top will do. 

Of course, let me share this one photo that Mom took of me getting absorbed by a book. A usual scenario in my case. I'm currently enthralled by Cassandra Clare's literary masterpieces: The Mortal Instruments series, and The Infernal Devices series. Here, I'm shown reading Clockwork Princess; the third book for TID. 

Photo Credits: my Mom; PicsArt App for the editing
Penshoppe top, Forever 21 skinny jeans, Leaveland boots, 
Clockwork Princess Book Credits to: Cassandra Clare and McElderry Books,
Disney for the song lyrics

P.S. Stay safe everyone! Typhoon Yolanda hits the Philippines tonight! Charge up your gadgets, stock up on supplies, and keep an ear on the news.

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