Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday Post

Peg 1: A Joint Celebration

So glad that I was able to meet up with two dear high school friends for a joint birthday lunch for me and Miss Erica Perez, a fellow September birthday celebrant. In between conversations involving work (for me and Erica), school (for Cara, a.k.a. Echo), boys, and stories, I found that your heart really does reach out to people you love very much, no matter how far apart you've been for a period of time that feels like ages. 

We're still those girls who got through the epic journey that is high school!

Peg 2: My 24th Birthday, Day of.

Mom surprised me with a chocolate birthday cake that she cleverly concealed when I got home from work. She was able to put it back in the fridge after I decided to faceplant into my pillow early to get some sleep before the big 2-4. I woke up for breakfast and found the tasty confection all ready with such a sweet dedication! Love you, Mom!


After phone calls from all over the family tree and text messages from beloved friends, I dug in and didn't resurface from this cake till I was told to save some appetite for my birthday lunch. 

Peg 3: Lomo!

This particular filter is becoming one of my favorites! I love the vintage vibe that it brings to any shot. Take a look at these scenes from my birthday lunch with four of my cousins.

Feeling very thankful that I reached this age, and even more thankful I got to share the day with these awesome people! Here's to more chances for an EPIC year! 

Special thanks to Gerry's Grill at The District, Cavite for that special scoop of strawberry ice cream they gave me for my birthday.

Photos taken by: My Mom 
Credits to: The District, Cavite; Red Ribbon for the Chocolate Dedication Cake, and PicsArt App for the photo edits.