Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Paris! (Someday)

Been seeing so many French-related themes, objects, photos, food, and clothes lately that it just brought back one of my Bucketlist items: To go to the one and only city where L-O-V-E is the word on the street AND the lifestyle of the people: PARIS.

So, I'm sharing these with you. Some ideas and flights of whimsy whenever I think of visiting that famous city.  

You can tell I'm a 90's kid by the photo of Madeleine included in the collage. And of course, I'm not missing out on authentic French macarons

This is one of the places I hope I'll get to see. I thought of it when I was eating pasta at one of the popular cafe's here in the Philippines. I don't know exactly where in Paris this is, but it looks like something out of a dream!

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