Monday, June 17, 2013

The Rundown

       So, to start things off comic-wise. Here are the things Harrod and I have been up to from the day we met:

       Now how 'bout that? A good, old-fashioned handshake to get the friendship on the right track! We're gonna give Calvin and Hobbes a run for their money. (No copyright infringement intended, and I am a HUGE fan of Bill Watterson!)

          Bono Gelato RULES! Try it for a day out with family and friends! 


      And here we have Harrod's first breakfast at home. We split a bowl of Rice Crispies, a banana-chocolate chip muffin, and a small bottle of milk.


 Would you believe he woke me up early on a Friday morning?! My hospital shift wasn't until 2 P.M.! Did I mention that there were no eggs and bacon waiting for me at the breakfast table? (Hence the look on my face) 

     Had to make us a grilled cheese sandwich to split.

       Despite that last misadventure, I'm still finding that having my teddy bear around is a great thing. :-D 

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