Saturday, June 15, 2013

Storyboard Sneak Peek!

Meet Harrod!

       Mom bought him for me as a gift during our Makati City shopping day last Sunday, May 19. I immediately fell in love with that expression of gentle wisdom on his face. Call him the Hobbes to my Calvin. (In honor of that comic book genius, Bill Watterson.) :-)
       I decided on the name Harrod because it was written on the ribbon around his neck. (I divested him of that particular bauble because I find it constricting) Plus this city outing of mine and Mom’s reminded me of that scene in ‘The Parent Trap’ where Elizabeth asks Hallie if she wants to spend the day getting lost in Harrod’s, London.
     So, as every child and child-at-heart believes, your toys are true companions. Harrod has become one of mine. Hope he finds a place in your hearts as well as he’ll be part of my Storyboard!

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