Saturday, June 15, 2013

Please Bear With Me

It took me some time to finally decide on having two sites on the World Wide Web. I figure it's a great way 
to share my story, so for those of you who've just stumbled on my blog, here's the scoop:

I have a Tumblr site: I've also been asked on how to pronounce it, so I'll clarify things as well: it's the-ick-ie,not thei-ckie. The last two syllables rhyme with sticky.

Ickie is a nickname of mine, given by some good friends back in our freshman year of high school. (Hi, Hannah, Cara (a.k.a. Echo), and Steven!)

Anyway, I'm trying to synchronize my posts on both this site and my Tumblr site to make entries available for 
users and readers of both Tumblr and Blogger. I humbly ask you all to bear with me as I do some catching
up with my Blogger site.

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