Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Paris! (Someday)

Been seeing so many French-related themes, objects, photos, food, and clothes lately that it just brought back one of my Bucketlist items: To go to the one and only city where L-O-V-E is the word on the street AND the lifestyle of the people: PARIS.

So, I'm sharing these with you. Some ideas and flights of whimsy whenever I think of visiting that famous city.  

You can tell I'm a 90's kid by the photo of Madeleine included in the collage. And of course, I'm not missing out on authentic French macarons

This is one of the places I hope I'll get to see. I thought of it when I was eating pasta at one of the popular cafe's here in the Philippines. I don't know exactly where in Paris this is, but it looks like something out of a dream!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Rundown

       So, to start things off comic-wise. Here are the things Harrod and I have been up to from the day we met:

       Now how 'bout that? A good, old-fashioned handshake to get the friendship on the right track! We're gonna give Calvin and Hobbes a run for their money. (No copyright infringement intended, and I am a HUGE fan of Bill Watterson!)

          Bono Gelato RULES! Try it for a day out with family and friends! 


      And here we have Harrod's first breakfast at home. We split a bowl of Rice Crispies, a banana-chocolate chip muffin, and a small bottle of milk.


 Would you believe he woke me up early on a Friday morning?! My hospital shift wasn't until 2 P.M.! Did I mention that there were no eggs and bacon waiting for me at the breakfast table? (Hence the look on my face) 

     Had to make us a grilled cheese sandwich to split.

       Despite that last misadventure, I'm still finding that having my teddy bear around is a great thing. :-D 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fashion Blog Bloopers

I want to dedicate this particular post to explanations. See, I'm a fan and an avid reader of several fashion blogs like Miss Jones ,Hello-Rio, and the one and only Miss Camille Co's blog.

Needless to say I wanted to make a blog of my own, so read on and see my hilarious attempts at fashion blogging, or what I like to call FBBs.(Fashion Blog Bloopers)

(Disclamer: I posted this not to discourage all you aspiring fashion bloggers out there, but to share with you the lessons I learned in my own attempts.)

First up, I tried an Outfit Of The Day post and ended up with this:

I know. It has EPIC FAIL written all over it. Believe me, I thought this was my first success at capturing an ensemble that I felt great in. I thought I could remedy all the wrong parts of this picture with my photo editing skills, but I found that my knack for righting all my photo wrongs is at a very minimum level.

Second try: Mom and I had a shopping day, so I figured the urbanized areas would make a great background. I was wrong yet again, and here is proof:

I thought that filtering the light would make it look better. Sad to say I didn't count on the fact that you can only go so far with trying to edit natural light.

Third try: Third time's the charm... or so I thought. No editing the natural light this time, and I had Mom coaching me on how to pose. Somehow, I could NOT get it right.We just have to accept that there are some days when you and the camera do not get along.

Fourth try: I thought this would be IT. Unfortunately, when it comes to fashion blogging, no 'eureka' moments for my case.

Confession: This white dress of mine DID NOT fit me as well as I thought it would. It's way too loose, so I had to belt it. 

Hopefully, the accessories made up for it. Hopefully. My favorite is the beaded necklace with the star-shaped pendant. I made it when I was little.

So, Lessons Learned:

1) Know your photo-worthy angles. Keep experimenting till you get the right ones. You may feel awkward about it at first, especially when you try the different swings, steps, and gestures, but it'll be worth it. You'll be surprised at what poses work for you. Several posing guides are available in photography books or online. I recommend creating an account at Pinterest and compiling a set of poses and styles you'd like to use as your basis.

2) As much as possible, shoot your photos in natural light. Learn from my fiasco of a photo in my second try above. DO NOT OVER-EDIT photos taken in natural light. It's one of the best and most flattering lighting there is. Plus, there will be no harsh,in-your-face light glares that will make you squint too much.

3) Make sure the clothes you wear FIT YOU WELL. They should NOT be too tight that you look like you're about to join the sausage display at your nearest deli. They shouldn't be too loose either. Cliche' as it may seem, your body type is something you should be proud of! Don't suffocate it with undersized clothing or hide it under drapes of cloth you want to use to hide those so-called "imperfections".Be a rebel and work clothes to your advantage by trying them on before buying them and re-styling them with quirky embellishments in the form of accessories.

4)DO NOT GO OVERBOARD with the 'blemish fix/correction' and 'airbrush' tool of your chosen photo editing program. If you have a tool that reduces shine on the skin, use that one to avoid making your face look caked in cover-up.

5) Try different photo editing programs and explore each of the available tools and functions. 

So, if you're really firm on starting or continuing that fashion blog, GO FOR IT!

I hope that somehow, my FBBs and Lessons Learned were able to help you.

As for me, I'll fully and unashamedly admit that fashion blogging is not for me. I'm going to start posting what I do best, which is create stories

So, here's to letting go and getting a fresh start. 

The Storyboard: My Life In Photo-Comics will be my way of sharing it with you.

For the full posts behind these fiasco photos, check out my Tumblr site.

Please Bear With Me

It took me some time to finally decide on having two sites on the World Wide Web. I figure it's a great way 
to share my story, so for those of you who've just stumbled on my blog, here's the scoop:

I have a Tumblr site: I've also been asked on how to pronounce it, so I'll clarify things as well: it's the-ick-ie,not thei-ckie. The last two syllables rhyme with sticky.

Ickie is a nickname of mine, given by some good friends back in our freshman year of high school. (Hi, Hannah, Cara (a.k.a. Echo), and Steven!)

Anyway, I'm trying to synchronize my posts on both this site and my Tumblr site to make entries available for 
users and readers of both Tumblr and Blogger. I humbly ask you all to bear with me as I do some catching
up with my Blogger site.

Storyboard Sneak Peek!

Meet Harrod!

       Mom bought him for me as a gift during our Makati City shopping day last Sunday, May 19. I immediately fell in love with that expression of gentle wisdom on his face. Call him the Hobbes to my Calvin. (In honor of that comic book genius, Bill Watterson.) :-)
       I decided on the name Harrod because it was written on the ribbon around his neck. (I divested him of that particular bauble because I find it constricting) Plus this city outing of mine and Mom’s reminded me of that scene in ‘The Parent Trap’ where Elizabeth asks Hallie if she wants to spend the day getting lost in Harrod’s, London.
     So, as every child and child-at-heart believes, your toys are true companions. Harrod has become one of mine. Hope he finds a place in your hearts as well as he’ll be part of my Storyboard!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Up and Coming

Hello, and welcome to my newest space on the World Wide Web!

For those who read my Tumblr site:, this is my way of reaching out to share my story with more of the world's online readers. 

I hope you enjoy!